Debate about the influence of Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial intelligence? Until recently AI seemed futuristic, a subject we only knew from science fiction books or movies. From now on AI will take an increasingly important role in our daily lives, that is why De Warande invited Klaus to debate along with Bart Steukers (director of Industries & Markets Agoria), Johan Wagemans (Prof. Experimental Psychology at the KU Leuven) and Philippe Muyters (Flemish minister of Work, Economics, Innovation and Sports) about the level of integration of AI in Europe and how its future will look like.

What is the impact of AI on our society? Will AI influence our lifestyle positively or negatively? These were a few of the many topics that have been discussed.

We were really excited to have been offered this opportunity and we thank De Warande for their hospitality.

Unfortunately due to the house rules of De Warande we are unable to disclose any content of the discussions

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