Automated Classification

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Automated Classification

Automatic document classification is one of the main activities for effectively managing high volumes of text and information in your business. Dillen developed a document classification solution, which automatically recognizes files and classifies them into a number of categories using tags. Due to these tags data can be found quickly and efficiently, you are only three clicks away from the document you are looking for! The solution processes more documents and gets smarter as more documents are classified. The system trains itself to accurately identify specific document types, and automatically organize and classify scanned and electronic documents (both structured and unstructured). Organizations can realize more automation and greater cost reductions over time

Benefits of Automated Classification:

  • Classify using tags and categorize them on your document management platform
  • Data can be found quickly and efficiently
  • De-duplicating
  • Automatically classify structured and unstructured documents
  • Reduce labor costs through automation
  • Minimize human intervention
  • Achieve greater accuracy with machine learning

Key functionalities

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