Mailroom Automation

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Mailroom Automation

Dillen helps organizations to optimize their incoming document flows by automating the whole handling process. Instead of devoting valuable worker time to reviewing incoming forms, contracts, and other documents in order to route them to the appropriate destination, implement document recognition and routing technology to deliver better results, faster.

We can manage your entire document inflow, the foundation of our digital mailroom solution is a highly accurate scanning technology, which quickly captures the information on your documents, classifies the document type, and then forward the information automatically into the right business process. We ensure you that not a single document will go missing.

Benefits of Mailroom Automation:

  • Handles all document formats (structured, semi-structured, and unstructured)
  • Self-learning document classification technology
  • Reduces time and costs spent on manually sorting and distributing mail
  • Improves service quality with faster response times
  • Easily adaptable to new or changing document types
  • Employees receive only those relevant documents that require action
  • All employees, whether on-site or not, have instant access to all incoming data.

Key functionalities

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