Dillen moved to Corda Campus!

We proudly announce you that Dillen recently moved to Corda Campus! The leading international campus in the province of Limburg which focuses on technology, high-tech, ICT and new media, innovative companies and institutions.

Corda Campus is an ecosystem of more than 60 companies, the place to be for startups as well as experts. Being surrounded by fellow innovative entrepreneurs makes networking and exchanging knowledge from one to another one of the many benefits of the campus. Corda is more then a workspace only, you are part of a community.

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The first thing you will notice when entering Corda Campus is the unusual architecture, the central building is a green oasis which symbolises peace and tranquility, to strike the perfect balance between work and leisure. The Corda1 building has a green roof which provides thermal isulation, Corda believes in sustainability and that is reflected in many different aspects throughout the campus.

From green roofs to green mobility

The location of Corda Campus is right next to a train station and a bus stop, which motivates travelers to use public transport to come to work, and skip the morning rush hour and stress if you came by car. That way Corda contributes to a cleaner environment, every little bit helps!



The beating heart of the campus is Corda1. Corda Bar, Corda Kaffee and Corda Cuisine are there to serve you lunch in a peaceful setting or can be used as meeting places. Besides quality food Corda1 offers you the campus shop, auditorium and so much more..

We did not need much conviction to know Corda Campus was the right place for Dillen and vice versa, we both share the same basic value, innovation is key! come visit us and experience yourself everything Corda Campus has got to offer.