Bringing AI into practice during AI Discovery Sessions

Are you curious what artificial intelligence can do for your company? Or do you already have a few ideas, but not sure how to implement them? AI Discovery Sessions, which we organize in collaboration with Agoria, are the perfect match for you. In just three sessions, we provide you with the necessary tools and insights to make your AI project a lot more concrete.

AI for everyone

No prior technical knowledge is required to participate in the AI Discovery Sessions. All employees with an interest in these technologies are welcome. Afterwards you will have the necessary insights to help optimize and innovate the operations of your company with the help of AI.

In group or individually

We work both collectively and individually. For example, during the first collective session various tools, canvases and frameworks are presented to map AI projects. During the second session, we then provide a number of tips and tricks to take a closer look at your specific AI projects. The third session aims to provide more individual guidance and to work out the different steps of your AI project in more detail.


Do you want to discover the power of AI and also enjoy the many benefits that AI has to offer your company?

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